Yoga for Peace

The more we are motivated by love, The more fearless and free Our actions will be… -Dalai Lama- The words above, by the Dalai Lama, have been an ongoing inspiration on my yoga journey. Yoga takes us on a journey that can only be understood by consistent practise and dedicated study. It may not be the easiest journey; there will be times when you will question yourself and life more than ever. When your practise includes Ahimsa (non-violence), love and compassion you may encounter that place of fearless freedom. Every time I come to practise, I know that I am … Continue reading Yoga for Peace

Welcome to YogaGladey

Autumn is here, the colors in the trees like fossilized sunshine-a warm golden glow. The nights are getting longer and its time to wrap up warm. Its wonderful that so many people are practicing Yoga at this time, as there does appear to be a lot of challenge and turbulence, with earthquakes and natural disasters, wars, refugees, politics and homelessness. These are times when we need to come back home to ourselves. We are all visitors on this planet, global nomads and now more then ever is the time to look within, where else is there to go? Yoga can … Continue reading Welcome to YogaGladey